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An unforgettable book experience.

Zsófia Mautner, food blogger

"For me, '12 Months' is one of the most beautiful cookbooks of recent years, without a doubt. The aesthetic perfectionism and visual standard that elevates this collection of recipes to the level of a culinary album and makes it a true coffee table book is really unique in the field of gastronomy on the local palette. Éva approached the creation of her piece with sophisticated taste and sense. Besides being the author she also was the remarkably talented producer of the the book. All those many international awards were well deserved!"

Nelli Tombor, model, private chef

"Finally a book that proves: salads can truly be exciting, luscious and, last but not least, a delight to the eye. One of the most beauteous books available on the Hungarian market. Should be there in every household!"

Pierre Vajda, journalist, food critic

„Vibrating intelligence, the promise of a better world [...] What is admirable about this very collection of recipes is that all of Bezzegh’s combinations are unique in a way that they also represent an existing standard of approach. [...] If, while sitting in an armchair, we want to travel the world accompanied by remarkable flavors, all we need to do is follow the rythm of the book and create its recipes one by one. This volume is like Noah’s ark: it has all our essential nutrients packed into it...”

Balázs Baji, World bronze and European silver medalist hurdler, veterinarian

„Éva’s [...] book is a never-ending source of aesthetic enlightment that brightens the days of all foodies. I am speaking from experience and also recommend it warm-heartedly”

Judit Szauer, gastronomic PR specialist

"'12 Months' is one of the most valuable books of my bookshelf, and I also believe that it is amongst the most beautiful Hungarian publications. It is not only beautiful, but also quite useful for a health-conscious hedonist like myself. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, yet, they have something extra to them."

Orsi Kozma, singer

"I always knew that Éva was very creative. But what she did with salads...! She redefined and dignified the dish often so underrated. An abundance of ideas, tricks and inspirations in a beautifully exhibited book that made me try out as many of its recipes as I could. What more, it encouraged me to be brave, experiment more and create my own style. Due to all that salads became a regular guest at our family table. Salads for everyone!"

Robi Rosenstein, Chef

„The truth of the matter without any exaggeration is that your book represents an absolute international standard.”


12 Months - salads year-round

The multiple award-winning coffee table cookbook, 12 Months, by debuting author, Éva Bezzegh, was launched in November 2017. The picturesque, impressive title presents seasonal salads featuring the tastes of several cuisines from all over the world in a monthly approach. The chapters follow the changes of seasons on our plates, in nature as well as in our everyday lives throughout an entire year. Its sophisticated visuals reflect the work of the young and talented graphic designer Eszter Laki. The amazing food, landscape and life portraits spanning through seasons that illustrate the pages are the artwork of photographer Renáta Török-Bognár. 12 Months is a unique piece of work: besides being a nonesuch thematic collection of recipes it promises a wonderful artistic book experience. Its first, by now also award-winning international licence in German, titled 'Nur Salat', is also available in a limited number of copies.