F R E E °°° S H I P P I N G !!! IN HUNGARY


Artbeet was founded in spring 2017. The company’s mission is to enrich the local and international premium book market with high standard publications primerily in the field of gastronomy and lifestyle. The owners, Éva Bezzegh and József May, started the company as a family venture where Éva debuted as an author, as well. With its first volume, titled 12 Months, Artbeet strived to set a standard that, in line with the latest international trends, is relevant within and beyond borders. It sets forth uniqueness, artistic values and high quality as main directives and recruits contributors accordingly. On the long run, Artbeet aims to find a stable readership within the top segment of book publishing and by serving their demands wishes wishes to contribute to levelling up the market.

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