12 – Twelve Months

Salads year round


The book

Artbeet publishing debuted with a picturesque, exclusive coffee table cookbook titled 12 Months in November 2017. The thematic publication presents seasonal salads on 360 pages. Why salads? Because it’s quick and easy to prepare, it’s nutritious not to mention beautiful, therefore meets all culinary expectations of our time. At cases you do not even have to be able to cook to assemble a nifty salad, while the genre gives you the infinite freedom of creation so promising the greatest diversity and literally the widest spectrum of colors on your plate, if... if you dare to let go your imagination.

The multiple award winning book serves as an inspiration that guides the reader through the world of salads that are based on fruits and vegetables of the seasons. The pages feature eight recipes per month throughout an entire year lining up raw or grilled, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Middle- or Far-Eastern, vegetable, fruit, fish, meat or even cereal based salads sometimes in familiar other times in surprising combinations of flavors. All that presented in an articulate yet an exceptionally easy-going and graceful tone by debuting author, Éva Bezzegh. The book addresses young, as well as, middle-aged, cosmopolitan women and men who love to spend time in the kitchen and know how to cook, gastro hipsters, beginners and aspirants who are not particularly into hard core cooking, but are open to learn, prefer versatility in their light and healthy meals, and of course, those who have a love of aesthetics and value a genuinely unique book experience. Now available in German, as well: the first international edition by the title Nur Salat. is out and waiting for you in limited number of copies.


The creators

The book is a result of an almost one year collaboration of the creators who closely tracked the changes of the landscapes and nature throughout the seasons to be able to authentically document it on the pages of the book along with how those changes would reflect on our plates. The writer herself recruited a staff for the project whose enthusiasm, dedication, talent and professional competence elevated the nine-month work to serious heights for it to finally evolve into an exceptionally beautiful book.   

The author: Éva Bezzegh is originally an economist, media professional,  mother of two. She has been writing her own food blog since 2010 about simple, healthy, yet sophisticated cooking. The book is a milestone of her work of recent years that is to be followed by several other volumes in different themes. The current topic was inspired by the author’s love of healthy food based on seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables. Her world of gastronomy was influenced by local and international culinary adventures.

The photographer: Renáta Török-Bognár is a self-taught professional. Although she became known initially as a food blogger today the majority of her work is wedding photography. She represents a unique and pure style that perfectly matched the intended visuals of the author’s book. The idea of an eventual collaboration on an exclusive cookbook that has been long planned throughout their many-year acquaintance has finally realized upont the author’s proposal. 

The graphic designer: Eszter Laki is listed amongst the most talented young Hungarian designers of our time. Her work can be traced in the local gastronomic industry where many current businesses carry the images she created. As an art director her name is linked to three cookbooks, amongst those are her own two limited edition volumes, Menu and Menu2 that were widely applauded by the circle of readers, as well as, professionals. Eszter’s affection for books and her common vision shared with the creators evoked the collaboration in which she, with her own words, participated gladly.